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Welcome to BFC partnership with JAAG Properties

We patnered with JAAG Properties to create awareness for the Rent-To-Own program. We believe that the current housing crisis and affordability issues can be resolved by rent-to-own projects.


    As we all know homeownership has become a big deal in Canada and especially in Ontario. We are aware that there are solutions out there for people who may find themselves now in a situation that locks them out of homeownership.

    In London ON, a company known as JAAG properties has been helping people to own homes for the last seven years. In our pursuit to bring a solution to the market, we requested them to come out and make a presentation for our members in our network and guests to get to know what solutions are out there.

    Rent-to-own programs are often misunderstood and only those who take time to understand it can really help their clients, friends, and their neighbours. We are requesting licensed professionals to take time out of their busy schedules to listen to this presentation, ask questions, and make their own decisions after that.

    Rent-to-own programs can help people rent a home with the plans to own it eventually. The programs takes three years and so the rent-to-own specialists at JAAG work with the homeowners to help them save for their deposit, clean up the credit bureau issues so that after the three years they are able to qualify for conventional mortgages.

    Examples of people they help are:

    1. New to Canada
    2. People going through divorce and separation
    3. People going through bankruptcy
    4. Young people who do not have a well-established credit history
    5. People with less than enough deposit to put down
    6. and many other reasons that make people get declined


    Alfonso Salemi

    We invite you to come out to listen to the Vice President of JAAG properties Alfonso Salemi as he walks you through the entire process and answers your questions so you can be able to direct your clients in the right direction.

    J. Ryan J. Carson

    J. Ryan J. Carson, Lawyer & Founder of Carson Law in Burlington and he has been working with JAAG Properties to close the deals. Ryan has given a very positive testimonial about the manner in which JAAG Properties carries out its business. Ryan is attending to give the legal perspective.


      We are hoping that everyone in our network will come out and listen to this presentation. They say knowledge is power, do not make judgments and decisions out there, you now have an opportunity to come and listen and ask the questions and get answers. We are diligent in our questioning; we have been provided with vast questions and answers and we feel confident to help promote this program. We are satisfied that we are bringing you a quality online seminar to help you make the right decisions

      Please note:

      BFC does not do any approvals and we do not own the program. We are only inviting the JAAG Properties Vice President to make a presentation. Anyone who decides to apply must go through an approval process and must show sufficient monthly income to service the rent and the extra to save for the final deposit needed to purchase the home after 3 years. This is not a program to over-burned people who can not be approved due to income issues. It is for people who have sufficient income but are declined for all the other reasons cited above.

      Watch the interview below to prepare you for the presentation.

      This presentation is suitable for:

      1. Real Estate Brokers and Agents
      2. Mortgage Agents and Brokers
      3. Financial Advisors and Planners
      4. Real estate lawyers
      5. Family lawyers
      6. Accountants
      7. Aspiring homeowners
      8. Home Inspectors
      9. Real Estate Investors
      10. Immigration Lawyers and Immigration consultants
      11. Anyone who truly deals with homeowners and home sellers


        Do you know someone who?


        Can’t get a mortgage because you are self-employed? We help hard-working people get into their homes.


        We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, especially when it comes to getting a home.

        New to the Country

        Getting a mortgage can be tough as an immigrant. We can help with your goal of home ownership.


        Did a divorce negatively affect your credit score? We can help you get back on your feet today.